“What we can do?”

“What we can do?”

Yes, you read that right.

My colleague and friend, Gaurav Sharma, utters these words on a regular basis.  We’d catch the train together some mornings and “complain” about work or a particular situation (As one does from time to time).  After getting it all out, he would usually end the conversation with a shrug of his shoulders and in his strong Indian accent, calmly say “What we can do?“.  When I heard him say these words the first time, it made me laugh.  In fact, it’s become a joke between the two of us now and one that I fondly pass on to others who cross my path.  The reason why it made me laugh is that it’s not quite grammatically correct.  However, I think it wouldn’t quite have the same effect if he were to say it differently.

You know how life gets sometimes?  Some situations drag us down and make us feel frustrated or get our blood boiling.  Sometimes (probably most) it’s something we have no control over and therefore can’t do much about.  It comes down to knowing that you can’t change the situation but you can choose how you react.  In this instance, if you’re anything like me (a little hot headed at times – she says smiling), these 4 little words are a great way to help you “calm your farm“.

Also, I enjoy listening to other people and if I am able to, will provide advice or a positive perspective, which they might not see at that time.  However, there are times when this simply doesn’t work and I’ve felt a bit at a loss for words of encouragement.

What we can do?”  4 little words that are perfect for diffusing a situation and bring a smile to your face. 

Well, it does for me anyway…Give it a go, it might just serve you well too.

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