Appreciate what others do for you…

Appreciate what others do for you…

Do you have people in your life who do things for you? It could be anything really…big, small or (in your opinion) insignificant. Have you ever spared a thought to them?

Thought about the fact that they took time to do said thing for you or on your behalf. Whether they succeeded, failed or took a little longer than you expected…they did it nonetheless. Stealing time out of the hourglass of their life…for YOU!

Did you say thank you? Were you sincere? Did you truly appreciate their effort? Have you ever thought them to be a nuisance in your daily schedule or made them feel less than insignificant? Are you guilty of belittling the next person and then as if that’s not enough…never go back and apologize for being a certain way?

If you are ever one of those people who walk around with an air about them and thinks it doesn’t stink…I’ve got news for you – it reeks from a mile away.

P.S Nobody likes it.


If you are at the receiving end of this abusive behaviour…I have this to say.

I don’t get how some people go through their lives making other people feel like they are a waste of air. It is a sign of weakness as far as I’m concerned. They must lack something in their own lives or be broken in some way. Their false attitude and camouflaged sincerity make me sick to my core. They hide behind false smiles on beautiful faces but, their stinky attitude makes them ugly inside and out. These are the people I prefer not to associate with…sadly, some of them are part of your life for whatever reason and you have little choice in having to interact with them.

In this regard, my advice would be…ignore them because they are not worth your time or emotion. They don’t deserve the best or worst of you in any length of time. Also, don’t stop being a nice person because they don’t know how to react to kindness. Granted…some of these people can change and they are the ones you don’t need to give up on. Others though, truly are toxic to you and will eventually break down your goodness…

Walk away, you’ve lost nothing – but, they have.

More importantly, remember to be appreciative in return when someone does a time-saving deed for you…it’s the most priceless gift they can give you.



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