What makes you happy?

Think of something that when you do it, it doesn’t feel like work but brings you great satisfaction…The feeling I’m talking about is…a smile on your face once you’re done, a feeling of accomplishment or even achievement.  If you are lucky enough to be in a day job, which ticks all these boxes and more…well, you don’t need me to tell you what to do because you’re already doing it.  Well done you!

If however, you don’t have that yet but would like a passion-filled life…then please read on.

I have not attained a purpose-filled life…yet.  But I desperately want to.  I know what I love doing and I sort of know what makes me happy (most days).  Here is my list of things, which I love doing and what I know makes me happy:

What I would like to attain in life:

These are just a few things off the top of my head.  Is it attainable…?  Well, I think I am only limited by what I tell myself I cannot achieve.  I believe that I can have all these things and even more.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now…see if you agree with me.  We wake up, go to work where we spend the bulk of our time doing whatever it is that we do and come home tired – just to be repeated another day.  This seems like a waste of time to me.  Yes, we get paid but therein lay my gripe.  We sell our time for money doing something most of us wish we weren’t doing, to begin with. The sad thing about it though, we will end up having regrets because somewhere along the journey of life, we sacrificed.  Time, relationships, it really doesn’t matter…the fact remains.

So I guess the question remains.  What is being proposed to move forward…HOW?

For me, it’s sitting and writing down the SPECIFIC things, which I am passionate about.  Once I have this narrowed down, I am going to identify the key skills and knowledge I need to plug into.  (Bonus if I already have them…and I’m sure I do, even if it’s just one, to begin with).

Next, I am going to devise a plan to step out of my comfort zone.

I take cognizance of the following:

We spend most of our lives working and the last few years we have left on earth, we are too old or ailed to enjoy what we have left.  Imagine having the power to decide that that is not the life you wish to live.  Imagine owning your destiny and future…not being dependent on something or someone else to make it successful.  That right there costs nothing but planning, determination and endurance.  All the things you have within you…are the foundation you need to start.

What are you waiting for? Tick…tock…tick…tock

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