What are we doing to each other?

What are we doing to each other?

I look around and see the beauty of the place that I now find myself in. However, that beauty means nothing in a world cluttered with hate, crime and copious amounts of destruction.

What has this world become? When did life lose its value and become something no more than a piece of garbage? People kill each other as if it’s a piece of dirt they’re tossing into the trash can…worthless and of no use to anyone. Communities are ripped apart by selfish hatred of others purely because of what they believe in, the colour of their skin or what their forefathers had to endure at the hands of others. The cycle goes on and on and seems an endless pit of never-ending pain.

Man is truly its own worst enemy.
I’ve come to realize that this life is dumb and somehow we, as humans, miss the point of what it’s all about. What future do we offer to our children when we bring them into such a broken world? I too am guilty, having brought my kids into this world…

Clouded by the euphoria of having a new baby, a little extension of who I am to carry on my name. Well…what is that name worth if it only gets a short time to reign? Or, even worse, has to endure any form of pain at the hands of another. A thought I cannot stand to bear…

Imagine a world where none of this crap existed. Where people live in peace and harmony and life is sustained by giving life without concern. I left my home country purely for the fact that I feared for my children’s safety. It was a fear that, literally, drove me to the point of no return. Do I regret the decision I made? Well…yes and no. I now live fearing for the family I left behind, wanting them to be safe more than anything in this world.

I feel as if I am in limbo. But, more than that, I feel anger. I am angry at the idiots who run countries, who allow the violence and crime to continue and allow the state of people’s lives to perish at the hands of their greedy evil ways. A day has 24 hours and there are 365 days in a year. Do they really have a leg to stand on in saying these decisions and “change” take time? I call Bullshit!

Is it really about money? Man has found a way to make money out of paper and coins, and attach value to it. It’s just dumb to say there’s no money to help the world out of its pain.

We have even been blessed with skills to heal and fix the broken and ailing, yet medical care depends on what you can afford to pay. Public systems, which actually help people without charge are drowning under the predetermined processes and stupid system of how that care is administered. But that, in itself, is even more bullshit and in the end, it’s us who suffer.

The country I live in now has one simple “way of life”, which I believe is part of their secret to success. People don’t interfere with the next one. Bad things still happen here but the scale is nowhere near to what I personally have witnessed. If you see something of value, which doesn’t belong to you, you leave it alone. This is the simple rule I teach my kids. When we came to this country, they jokingly said things like, “let’s steal it“. It broke my heart because this is what they had come to know.
I am happy to say, with time, they don’t have that mentality or desire. They have changed their ways and see the world differently for the better. If only others could adopt that same mentality. It’s a small step but one in the right direction, I believe.

If man can also realize one thing…we are never free. No-one is…

We are held captive by the fact that we sell what is most precious in life…our time. We (the majority of people) go to work, do what we do for the greater good of someone else (your boss or company shareholders). The time we get to spend with our family, in the end, is limited and goes by so quickly. That time in itself, is predefined by the jobs we hold to pay for anything of value we do together…without it, we have nothing.

Life is only for the rich and wealthy…most of us yearn for that and go through life sadly never attaining it. Yet, we remain hopeful…holding our breath for “One Day“.

Bearing witness to the torture surrounding us all, around this world, I can’t help but pray for an end to mankind. It seems the easiest solution.  I suppose it’s normal to question the existence of God when all these things have been going on for years without end. People have lost faith, some never had it and others…well I guess it’s just easier to go on day by day pretending that all is well with the world because it doesn’t affect them directly…YET.

I don’t have the answer to it all but I would take a guess that if mankind changed their mentality and actually made an attempt at making a success of this thing we call life…I reckon we could see a change. Why should there be rich, poor or homeless people? Why does life have to be governed by what benefits others and not all of us? Why are there classes of distinction and why, oh why, is there a need for greed, revenge and crime?

I feel ultimately helpless in the whole equation and yet, it is with great conviction that I say…To hell with all extremists and inflictors of misery and pain. More importantly, I say this, to anyone who actually has the power to change the state of the world and yet stands by watching it burn to the ground…To hell with you!


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