Why is it so hard to let go?

Why is it so hard to let go?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. There are various opportunities in my life where I’ve had the chance to do just that and never did. Letting go of ill-feelings (Forgiveness…give it a go!), letting go of tasks at the office and even at the various stages of my children’s lives.

My 5-year old daughter has been seeing other kids get dropped off by their parents and walking unaccompanied to their classes. “Hey, mum! That little boy or girl walks to school by they selves” she’d say. “Yeah, but you need to be a little older before you do that” would be my usual response. “But why..?” This morning was no different but a thought struck me this time. “Why not just let her walk by herself” I could watch her walking into the schoolyard And I’m sure she’s capable enough to sort herself out further from there.   Maybe it’s because she’s my baby and the fact that she’s a girl. I want to protect her forever. “There’s a lesson to be learnt“, is the other thought that hit me. It’s part of her learning to be independent. Let’s just say I’m considering it for now.

As for work (and life in general) I’ve always been the kind of person who would depend on no one else but myself. However, lately, I’ve realised that the kind of stress and pressure I feel in my daily life, is largely attributed to exactly this kind of thinking. People are capable of doing “stuff” for you or to help you. They might not do it to your standards but they might just get the job done in the end And they might surprise you and do it better.

It’s a tough one under certain circumstances but I believe it’s one that can be overcome. You might be struggling with something at the moment and it might just be that you don’t see a way out and prefer to hang on a little longer.   A long time ago, I had an issue and went to see our parish priest about it. I don’t really remember much about our conversation but one line he uttered has remained with me and I try to apply it to everything I do. “In these situations, you need to use discernment” was his advice at the time. I never fully understood it but I read up and now, I try to apply it as far as possible daily.

Trust your gut feeling first and foremost then if you get the all clear…just let it go.

Trust your inner voice

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