When you’ve just got to keep on going forward 

How much of what life throws at you, don’t you find yourself just wishing you could fling right back?   How many times have you felt like enough is enough?  How often have you felt like a complete and utter failure?

Well…I want to tell you to STOP!

Sure, life sucks sometimes and sure it’s not always easy but guess what, no one ever said it would be.  And, the people who seem like they have it all together…probably don’t.  We all get our fair share dealt to us, the portions may vary but everyone goes through something.   Stop living a life of wanting what you don’t have.   Stop looking at others and thinking their lives are perfect because it’s not.

One chance, that’s all you’re gonna get.  One chance to experience, one chance to fail but so much more to succeed.   I say that because we can only learn from our mistakes, we can only grow stronger from our failures and that’s the beauty of it all.  Each time you get back up from a bad situation is one more time you get to stand stronger as the unique individual that you are.

It doesn’t matter that things didn’t go the way you intended.  In fact, don’t plan your life too far ahead because let’s face it, things change and it might not ever work out the way you thought.  I’m not saying be senseless in your decision-making, I’m saying you’ve got to give yourself room to live, learn and grow.  Enjoy the tiny glimpses of good that life DOES offer from time to time…before you know it, they may just outweigh the sucky times.

I want to lay a challenge at your feet.  Every time you feel like you are not good enough like you are a failure and don’t deserve better.  I want you to take time out of that day and work on a better you the next day.  Yesterday is in the past, that is gone and you have no control over it.  Tomorrow may never come so therefore, you have no control over it either.  But Today, now that you have more control over than the other two, even if it’s just your attitude.  Do it all over again…but, do it better than you did before.   Cut yourself some slack and remember this is YOUR life.

Make it count and, just keep on going forward…

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