Medical Alert Card

Medical Alert Card

Do you have an alert card?  Something which identifies your condition in an emergency situation.  I’ve been searching endlessly for one standard, something that will “speak” for me when or if I can’t.  Trying to find something specific to ETV has been a fruitless exercise (Though this card can apply to both ETVs and Shunts.  In fact, it can apply to just about any medical condition).  I found this on the Hydrocephalus Association website – follow the link and scroll down the page to see what information you should have on your card.  However, it seems a bit of a mission to get one for anyone outside the US or the UK.  Because of this, I decided to copy most of the important information (as it applies to my situation) and guidelines for Medical Alert Cards and create one for myself.

Feel free to use the template below and add the information as it pertains to you.

Alert card template

The image is a bit small (Apologies) but this is basically what it looks like:

Alert card final

It’s a PowerPoint presentation and can be edited to suit your unique situation.  I’ve left my information under the Special/Other Information section to give you an idea.

What you’ll need to do is:

  • Open the link
  • Save it to your computer
  • Edit the information on your card and delete any extra spaces/information you don’t need
    • (N.B. Make sure the size of both back and front remain the same)
  • Print and cut it out along the outside border
  • Paste the cards back to back and laminate trimming a cm away from the actual border so it doesn’t come apart.
  • OR
  • Place in a plastic holder, which you can get at the $2 shop.  You could even use an ID card holder and use it as a key-ring.
  • OR
  • You could even use this for your child’s backpack, which they use for school or on camping trips.

I’m not the kind of person who keeps my wallet with me wherever I go.  And, being a woman, I have quite a big one which doesn’t fit into my pants/pocket.  If you’re a man, you have no problem 🙂

Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll more likely be carrying your mobile phone with you wherever you go.  I’ve put mine into my case, which has a compartment for keeping cards and perfect for anyone to access in case of emergency.

The way I see it, it really doesn’t matter if it’s an official card.  In the event of an emergency, the card has all the information required by medical staff and will convey what I can’t physically do myself.  I have to tell you though when I read the last line, it really hit home.  The seriousness of it all that is, it felt like a lot to take on board (Almost surreal) but it is the reality of the situation.

At the moment, I’m working on a bracelet for myself as well (Will post more on that next time).

I hope you find the card template useful…

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