Hydrocephalus : Sacrifice for sanity

Hydrocephalus : Sacrifice for sanity

I enjoy a good glass of wine just like most people.  One of my favourite things to do is soak in a nice full bath with a glass of wine in hand.  However, I decided just over a year ago to give it up completely because I realised it was a trigger for my headaches and therefore definitely not good for my Hydro.

Truth be told, I miss it sometimes.  I don’t have a problem cutting out alcohol but have to admit that sometimes I wish I could just melt my day’s stress away.  Sit down and relax with a glass or two and not have to worry about the effects the next day.

My journey thus far has been one mostly of self-discovery.  Yes, I had specialists and surgeon’s whom I’ve consulted with (aside from one), there hasn’t been anyone who I can honestly say, I felt safe with.

Some days I just feel that, on top of everything else, I’d like to hand my Hydro over to someone else and let them nurse and worry about it for me.  I feel like I could do with a break from feeling the first sign of a headache but, though I can push it out of my mind for a little while, it still nags me.  I wait to see if it will be something mild or something more…It’s the something more part that makes me feel like I’m taking a knife to a gun fight.  The odds are stacked against me and there’s only one outcome at the end…me licking my wounds after the fact and feeling like a weak loser.

I’ve given up a few things aside from wine…like cheese, chocolate and coffee.  Yes, coffee!  I’ve heard people saying that coffee helps for a migraine.  I’ve never found this to be true.  In fact, it makes my headaches worse and gives my nausea a power trip of note.

I had to laugh a few weeks back when my team leader offered me a piece of chocolate and I politely declined.  I told him that I was off cheese, chocolate and wine. “Good Lord sounds like purgatory“.  It’s a sacrifice but the way I see it, it’s worth it.

Some things in life are harder to give up than others.  However, it’s amazing to know how easy it can be when your body needs to survive a chronic condition.

I reckon making changes that benefit your body and overall health…are ones worth making.

Are you struggling with something right now? Do you need to improve your lifestyle or other aspects of life, which are impacting negatively on your everyday life?

I choose to…because I’m soooo worth it.  You can too…

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