Hydrocephalus : What happened to the oath doctors take to help their patients?

Hydrocephalus : What happened to the oath doctors take to help their patients?

The cost of medical care as mentioned in a previous post is just ridiculous. I’m not going to talk this point to death but I do feel that there is room for discussion.

At my last consult, after being told off, I sort of lost track of the conversation as I licked my internal wound, while this doctor carried on speaking. I heard him saying how I “could be booked into a fancy, very comfortable room all by myself” if I had private medical insurance. I’d “certainly have better food than they serve in the public hospital and it would just be a much better experience“. I smiled at him without really paying attention…I can’t even remember the context really, but that’s beside the point.

Insurance – a thing that you wish you’d taken out when you could before the “s**t” hit the fan. It doesn’t matter what it is, household, car, health…

I remember going through life when I was younger thinking, that’ll never happen to me. Oh, so many things…

I have insurance that covers me against theft for example and truth be told, New Zealand is safer than what I’m used to and that portion of coverage just seems more like the insurance company making an easy buck off of me. But…it COULD happen, right? I get it, it’s protection for the unknown.

Like when I was diagnosed as an adult with Hydrocephalus. It was an unknown that sure paid off in terms of the private medical aid I had at the time.  I’ve come to realise though, it’s all about money…disgustingly and sickeningly so.  I mean, why would he point out the comforts that money could buy me when he clearly remains hesitant to operate to find out if there is a problem with my ETV?   Why does it make a difference whether or not I have said coverage?  I suppose the answer is simple really – it’s a win/win for everyone involved with special emphasis on the monetary gain for him/his practice and the hospital.

This is why I ask the question, What happened to the oath doctors take to help their patients?  I will always acknowledge the existence of and remain open to the select few who still abide by what they intentionally signed up for when they took up this profession.  However, the ones that don’t, make me question so many things as I get older.  Having watched VAXXED not too long ago (whether all of it is true or not), just scares me to no end.  It’s crazy but I almost feel like, for every person born, one (anywhere in the world) needs to die – just to maintain the balance.

What lengths would people go to for monetary gain?  Is it wrong for me to feel that somehow, somewhere, a doctor needs to put my life before any of that?  Is it possible that we as patients put too much pressure or expectation on the doctors we consult with and trust to cure us?  They are only human after all…

I’ve been told by a few people, since starting my blog, that they don’t believe in God, in fact, one person blocked me from a Facebook group simply for posting this (and that’s OK).  Far be it from me to judge anyone, and that’s not what I’m going to do either.  However, I will make this statement.  If I had to choose between putting my faith and trust in a physician…any physician, I would much rather take my chances with a God who I believe to have no ulterior motives.

My faith and trust in man is dwindling…

I think this comment from a Hydro Mum sums it up perfectly “After seeing my daughter go through what she has, and come out being as happy and healthy as she is, I don’t know how it would be possible for me to deny a higher power“.

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