Hydrocephalus : Finding support

Hydrocephalus : Finding support


Once you, or a loved one, receives a diagnosis of Hydrocephalus, it’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of emotions and lose track of life a bit.  One thing I can almost guarantee is the support you will come to need, especially when you don’t know which way next.  We all have questions and we all have experiences which may or may not be unique to us.  Chances are, the things you’re thinking about, questioning, fearing, celebrating, etc... others have been there before.  Most times, people ask, “I’ve just been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus…Now what? 

Because of this, I’ve put together a few things below which will (hopefully) help you find some direction. 

You might be looking for others near you, people you can connect with or who can provide a feeling of familiarity (like family). For this, I will point you in the direction of a gentleman named Ron Patrick Kelleher (Hydropioneer).  Ron is instrumental in connecting people across the globe.  I would like to use this opportunity to say, “Thank you, Ron, for all that you do.  You’re Awesome!” When I found myself at this exact point in time, Ron “shunted” people my way and set up some of the connections I now have.  Admittedly, some I’ve used, others not but that doesn’t mean it’s wasted…Think of it more as meeting a group of people (acquaintances) and then making more meaningful friendships with a select few. 

What you’ll also need, are the support groups where you get access to a plethora of information and journeys, ready for the sharing! 

The people who belong to these groups are a combination of fellow Hydro warriors or their loved ones, all with a common goal and in search of support and advice.  I only have one piece of advice when exploring the groups – Not everyone shares the same opinions, views or experiences.  Learn to practice the rule of scrolling on by when you don’t like something someone says or more importantly, don’t let it stop you from getting the support you need. 

Since most social media groups today are found on Facebook, I’ll point you in the direction of a few I belong to personally (there are literally hundreds, if not more). 

ETV: Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy  

Closed group – 574 members  

Hydrocephalus Support Group  

Closed group – 4621 members  

Spina Bifida Association New Zealand  

Closed group – 479 members  

People with shunts and supporters  

Closed group – 64 members  

hydrocephalus (shunts)  

Closed group – 8313 members  


Public group – 407 members  

My New Hydro Support Friends 🙂  

Closed group – 75 members  

Healing hydrocephalus and Chronic illness support group   

Closed group – 1070 members  


Closed group – 10, 552 members  

Hydrocephalus… Supporting Others  

Closed group – 254 members  

Hydrocephalus Awareness, New Zealand   

Public group – 227 members  

Brain Injury & Mental Health Support  

Closed group – 4272 members  

Hydro Friends  

Secret group – 42 members  

Fighting for Hydrocephalus❤  

Closed group – 644 members  

Arnold Chiari and Hydrocephalus Support and Information…  

Closed group – 2776 members  


Closed group – 464 members  

Brainworks 501(c)3 ASBISG.org Brain Injury/Neurological Support Org  

Closed group – 2845 members  

Hydrocephalus…. we care  

Public group – 320 members  

Everyone Being Aware of Spina Bifida  

Closed group – 604 members  

Hydro Christians Unite!  

Closed group – 371 members  

Hydrocephalus World Group  

Closed group – 1803 members  

Chiari and Syringomyelia Support UK  

Closed group – 1376 members  

WalkNRolling With Spina Bifida Always  

Closed group – 11, 141 members  

There are so many more but I think I’ll stop here for now…
*Updated as at 10 July 2019 

When you do, send a request to join these groups (or any others you may find) and, once you’re accepted, you only need to remember one more thing: 

There is no stupid question… 

Depending on your needs and personal circumstances, you might find that you identify more with one group as opposed to the next, it really doesn’t matter.  Also, I joined the ETV: Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy group and use this as my main go-to group, after being a part of the others. The reason is simple.  I had an ETV done after I initially had a VP Shunt placed, meaning, my needs changed.  This will happen from time to time but finding the group that gives you the most benefit and meeting people who you can connect with, making those ties in a beneficial way…is priceless. 

Another useful place I visit from time to time for some good information on Hydrocephalus is: 


Hydrocephalus does not have to be a lonely world that you live in – simply because there are so many of us.  The number of members per group above, hopefully helps you reach that understanding.

Just open the door and connect with others. 

We cover all corners of the globe because IT IS more common than you think… 

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