Acceptance and understanding go hand-in-hand

Acceptance and understanding go hand-in-hand

So much of what we face in life we have no control over. Some things we can change or simply eradicate from our lives. (That goes for some people too). But, sometimes there aren’t choices given with the challenges we have to endure. The only choice we get, is how we react, or respond to it. Those challenges could be different things for different people. We all have our cross to bear, some more so than others. And, we all respond differently to our situations or circumstances.

Something no one can prepare you for…

For example: Take a diagnosis like Hydrocephalus, at a pivotal time in your life. An interruption to your norm. The result of which requires a lifetime of brain surgery. It could be 1, it could be in excess of 100 (that’s no exaggeration).

?No one can safely predict if, or when, you will ever need surgery (again).

?No one can safely say you won’t need to factor it into your life or remain vigilant and aware.

?No one can tell you that what you’re feeling is not real.

?No one can safely prepare you for the risks or residual effects brain surgery, and this condition, will leave you with. (Irreversible injury).

?The person you see staring back at you in the mirror, can look foreign through your eyes, yet exactly the same to others from the outside.

?No one can guarantee that you won’t lose relationships with people closest to you. (It takes a toll on everyone).

There are just too many variables.

?Likewise, no one can tell you that you shouldn’t or can’t go beyond your own limitations, if you’re able to.

Personally, I have had to simply accept (with a hint of sarcasm), everything known and unknown, because there is NO other choice. With that acceptance, there’s a level of understanding required, if only to answer the endless questions beginning with, “Why?”. Answers to those questions aren’t always forthcoming.

They go hand-in-hand. It’s something I struggle with, from time to time. I choose to believe there’s a reason, one I may not know right now and, honestly, I don’t care to know (not anymore). I believe to preserve my own sanity.

My tired is tired..! Yet this post image, is my constant prayer??

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