September is Hydrocephalus Awareness month – help spread the word…

September is Hydrocephalus Awareness month – help spread the word…

In exactly 2 weeks time, it will be the 1st of September (where has the year gone?).  As most people in the Hydrocephalus community know, September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month.

In aid of this, I will be dropping the price of my eBook Hydrocephalus: Floating Faithfully to $1.99, for the month of September, and donating half the proceeds to the Hydrocephalus Association.  Admittedly, $1 is not a significant amount, however, I do believe that every little bit helps.  The donations the Association receive is only a fraction of the cost needed to supplement the funding for research into a cure for Hydrocephalus.

This condition is not as well publicized as one would hope and being someone affected by it personally, I feel obliged to help in the cause of raising awareness but also in contributing towards the research funding…so this is my attempt.  I might not be around long enough to have that cure for myself…I might.  Either way, there are future generations to think about and this in itself is the bigger picture.

If you have not already downloaded your free copy of Hydrocephalus Never A Dull Moment eBook, you can do so directly from or I can gladly send you the .pdf version to read at your leisure – just send me a message with your e-mail address, using the form on the website.  While you’re doing that, feel free to just say “Hi” and let me know how things are going with you.

Hydrocephalus affects so many people around the world and, it can happen at any age.  I am amazed on a daily basis at how many people join some of the groups I am a part of, sharing their stories after just having been diagnosed with this condition.  On a daily basis, someone…somewhere in the world, is feeling lost and lonely – overwhelmed even!  As someone who has been there before, I fully understand the apprehension and uncertainty that goes with it.  Hopefully, my eBook will be a source of showing you just how much our journeys have in common.

You too can help by sharing this post with all your friends and family…help spread the word and lets provide hope across the globe.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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