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I started this blog as a way to connect with others who are on the same journey as I am, diagnosed with or touched by Hydrocephalus. If I had to be honest, my expectations were quite low in terms of finding, or connecting with, anyone else with this condition. I never anticipated the growth, nor did I envision Skyewaters being what it is today.

Finding your tribe

The fact of the matter is, thinking that you are all alone in this, is a common misconception so many of us have. However, once you find others along the way, going through and experiencing what you are, it makes the journey all the more bearable! Also, if what I have written means validating what you are feeling or experiencing, to feel less lonely or know that you are not going crazy, then my goal has been achieved. More so, if it has enlightened anyone, not personally diagnosed with the condition, that’s a BONUS!

There are so many people across the world, diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. It truly is more common than you know. However, awareness remains key, as this invisible condition continues to wreak havoc in the lives of those who bear the effects thereof, struggling against the odds but pushing through, nonetheless! The physical effects are not the only consequence of it, mentally and emotionally, it can be drain you as well. What most people don’t realise is, this blog is my lifeline as well, connected to each person who reads, relates and appreciates what I have written.

Keeping it going, thanks to you!

It takes time, effort and money to keep a site like this going. I often wonder what will happen when I am no longer able to or die, more importantly, what will happen to my website. The way it works is, every year I pay a subscription fee to the hosting company to keep this site going, without that payment, my site will inevitably be shut down. To ensure that doesn’t happen, and others benefit from what I’ve written and shared over the years, I’ve added a donate button in the hopes of keeping it alive for future generations. It’s NOT FOR PROFIT but AWARENESS.

If you choose to, know that your donation helps keep this site alive, my “brain child” (pun intended)!