Step out of your comfort zone…

Step out of your comfort zone…

Are you faced with a challenge?  Do you want something to change in your life and just not sure how to go about it?  Do you feel the need to move on?  Well…guess what, you can overcome your challenge, you can effect the change in your life and you can move on to where you need to go.

We so easily become complacent with life as we know it.  Feeling safe in the sanctuary of our surroundings, with family, friends, work, etc.  However, there comes a time when something in the Universe shifts and we feel the urge to make a change.  Negative thoughts creep in and we tell ourselves, “I can’t do it”.  Guess what, the only voice uttering those words…is your own.

Whether you know at this point where it is that you want to go or what changes need to be made or whether you don’t, is irrespective.  Acknowledge that you are at this crossroad in your life and take it from there.  It really doesn’t even matter whether or not you choose the right path, believing that you are making the right decision at the time, is what’s necessary.  I don’t believe the Universe conspires against us, it’s just the choices we make at the time, that lead us to where we are.  If you find yourself in a place that you no longer want to be in because of a decision you made previously…guess what…You get to CHOOSE A NEW DIRECTION and best of all, IT’S NOT TIME BOUND!

It’s about taking a leap of faith and believing that you will hit your mark.  Leaving your comfort zone behind and finding your own way in the world.  It’s not going to be easy and there will be some effort and hard work required but…in the end, you can thank yourself immensely.  We only have one life…make the best of it and start doing what makes you happy and more importantly content.


Published by Skyewaters

I blog about Hydrocephalus to give a voice to the millions (if not billions) of people around the world with this condition NOT disease.  As much as these experiences are unique to me and my family, I’m sure others have experienced it too.  My aim…to shine a light on it and raise awareness – simple and challenging at the same time but worth it!

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