Reclaim your power

Reclaim your power

It’s easy to feel powerless when you’re diagnosed with an incurable and invisible condition like Hydrocephalus. And, having to learn to navigate life with a brain injury.

When life changes within the blink of an eye and your circumstances are unrecognisable. When the person staring back at you in the mirror, is more like a stranger. Flung outside of your comfort zone, into a world filled with SO many unknowns, and nothing makes sense. When you’re forced to accept, adapt, change, and carry on within the slipstream of society – purely to survive. Facing elements determined to make you work for it with the need to prove yourself; Work, family, friends, etc.

Despite the challenges this presents, you’ll figure it out. Trust me, you will.

The fact of the matter is, life presents each of us with all kinds of “storms”, at any given moment. No one is exempt. And, there are times when it can feel like it’s a constant bashing. When all you want, or need, is a break long enough to come up for air…

Just hold on, no matter the cost. Keep going…

Learn what you can from it, knowing that you’re going to be just fine. Because, depending on the “storm”, resistance is a waste of energy and won’t get you anywhere. Instead, exercise your right to choose how you react, it’s the one thing you do have control over…and reclaim your power!

Published by Skyewaters

I blog about Hydrocephalus to give a voice to the millions (if not billions) of people around the world with this condition NOT disease.  As much as these experiences are unique to me and my family, I’m sure others have experienced it too.  My aim…to shine a light on it and raise awareness – simple and challenging at the same time but worth it!

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