Making time is easier said than done…Challenge accepted

Making time is easier said than done…Challenge accepted

A few days ago, I read a blog post by a fellow blogger, Terence Brown, Productivity Tip #2 – Schedule your time (and stick to it).

This post reminded me of the many conversations I’ve had about topics like Terence’s blog.  Finding time in my busy schedule just seems impossible.  They tell you how easily you should find the time to do the things that would make your life easier…beginning with managing your time better. Bah! I’ve always believed, this is easier said than done.

I say this because, I know the “things” which require my time, how much of my time is required and how often I have to do it.  Therefore, I always end up saying the same thing “That won’t work for my life” or “You don’t understand what I have to go through to do that“. I’ve even uttered the words “It’s impossible“. The next morning, I got to thinking about what he had written.  It seemed so simple and my responses sound and feel like excuses…cop-outs!

For some reason, my brain woke me up almost an hour earlier the next morning.  I tried going back to sleep and actually felt quite annoyed for being woken up at that time of the morning.

After tossing and turning a few times, careful not to disturb my husband, I got out of bed.  I put the kettle on and switched on my laptop, paid my daughters’ aftercare bill and checked if my budget was on track.  I even spent a few minutes on Facebook in case there was anything of importance for me to see.  When my alarm went off to get out of bed, I already had a head start.

Usually, my mornings are a rush and pass me by in a blur.  I run around like a headless chicken, trying to get everyone done and out of the house in time for work and school.  I don’t like to start to my day this way…

That morning, I actually had time to shower, wash my hair, dry it and get my daughter ready for school (herein lies my biggest morning challenge).  I did everything I normally do and so much more but the beauty of it…I had time to spare!  I could not believe it… To be very honest.

I dropped the kids off and actually found that I was so much more relaxed and calm.  When I got to the car park at the train station, I sat back thinking, I have 10 minutes before the train comes.  Reaching for my phone, I discovered that I had actually left it at home, on the bed.  At this moment, I applied a lesson I learnt from Robin Banks (a motivational speaker) and took the “How fascinating!” approach. Robin teaches Mind Power and one of the techniques is to utter these words instead of having the expected reaction of freaking out at a situation.

I weighed up my options and just as I was about to decide to go the day without my phone (I thought it might be a welcome break), I realised my train ticket was in my cover along with my bank card.  I didn’t see any other choice but to go back home and fetch it.  Driving reasonably within the speed limit (at times over, hopefully, there are no speeding fines coming my way soon), I thought that it didn’t really serve me all that well after all.  If I didn’t make it back in time for the train, then so be it…I refused to stress.

As luck would have it, I managed to get in and out of the house quick enough and back to the station just as the train was pulling up.   I smiled to myself…


By 2 pm, my body started showing signs of being woken up so early…I developed a headache, which seemed to be winning the fight against the painkillers I took.

I got through the day but I was exhausted.  The cherry on the cake…my husband phoned to say he would be working late.  This meant everything else that needed to be done, now rested on my tired ass.  Oh, joy!

So in conclusion, I was left thinking, give up at this point and carry on with the headless chicken charade or…

Condition my life to get used to a new way of doing things.  My body should get used to waking up earlier for starters.  Though, I’m not so sure that would be a wise move since getting anything less than the required zzzz’s is not an option for me but a priority.  The headaches I get from lack of sleep affects my Hydrocephalus…eventually.

Hmmm…I decided it would be work in progress.  First I needed to get through, preparing a meal for my family, bathing my daughter, reading a bedtime story and flopping half-dead onto my bed. To be repeated tomorrow!

Watch this space…


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