Getting rid of your sins

My friend (Gaurav Sharma) who, every morning on his way to work, throws out some bird seeds to the birds at the train station.  When I first saw him doing this, I commented on how nice it was of him to do.  His response “I’m getting rid of my sins man“.  I thought about this for a while and smiled.  He was serious about what he was doing and ever since that first time, I’ve seen him doing it every day.

(The photo’s in today’s blog are of him, which I took while he wasn’t looking).


I simply love the way the birds come flocking to him even before he’s thrown the food on the ground for them.  I even commented one day, noticing the number of birds on the spot where he normally throws the seeds and told him they were already waiting for him.  He just smiled and proceeded with his morning ritual.

This gesture warms my heart whenever I see it.

Gaurav2At home, I’m forever making sure never to throw leftover bread out because “it’s for the birds“. My husband just shakes his head quietly.  For me, I feel a connection to nature and everything God created…and this brings me that much closer.  So in hindsight, I get why Gaurav does it…

There are many people in the world who need help, love, kindness and a little bit of care.  If you have it within you to give just a little of your time, money or food to someone (animals included) then why not.  You’ve got nothing to lose…and, who knows, you might just be getting rid of some of your sins.

I for one am not perfect and fail at many things.  However, I try and believe that a little act of kindness goes a long way.  No good deed goes unnoticed.  Life doesn’t always have to be self-serving…the potential to make an impact on someone else’ life is huge in contrast to the size of a small act of kindness.  I guarantee you, it will not only benefit the receiving party but you will feel good about yourself as well.

Sins are baggage, which no person needs or deserves to carry.  We make bad choices or decisions in life and they impact our lives negatively, or the lives of others.  Sometimes a simple “Sorry” (even to ourselves), does go a long way but sometimes, it’s just not enough and we need to work a little harder.  The key is to make a start…no matter how small.


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