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Hydrocephalus: Floating Faithfully is a story, written from my own personal experiences, of the daily struggles I’ve endured and battles I’ve overcome while living with Hydrocephalus. I was not born with Hydrocephalus, nor am I over 60-years old, as these are the “normal” two opposite spectrum of the condition. Diagnosed at the age of 29 and therefore an unlikely candidate and part of the minority of Adult Acquired Hydrocephalus sufferers. Having undergone 4 brain operations, 3 of which while I was 5½ months pregnant, this book details the survival of my baby and me at that time. Over time, my short-term memory has been affected and I literally see the strong, independent person I once was, slipping away. Faced with the possibility of going blind or possibly dying from it, it’s a daily fight to keep my head above water and keep up the façade that all is well…when it’s not. It’s a journey before, during and after brain surgery detailing the roller coaster state of emotions.

Having exhausted any possible help in my home country going from one Neuro specialist to the next, we travelled overseas in the hope of finding better care. However, I have been left clear of the disillusionment that help, lies solely in the hands of Man as the sad reality hits home that Hydrocephalus care and knowledge is no better in our new country. I now turn to God, placing all my trust and faith in Him until he calls me home…This book serves as a source of knowledge and insight for both people who have this condition themselves as well as loved ones who take care of them.

I hope to leave the reader educated on this condition, which affects millions around the world and hopefully shines a light on the Hydroid world, which is bound to become lonely. Providing useful resources, in the form of support groups to help make the journey that much more bearable and emphasizing the message that You need to be your body’s voice and advocate as other people’s ignorance is their bliss.

Hydrocephalus does not discriminate and affects millions across the world. Awareness is needed to kick-start required funding for research towards a Cure. You can help spread the Word.

What others have to say:

Review by: coastermusic93 on Oct. 25, 2017:

This book showed me I’m not alone and that there are others out there with hydrocephalus. Even though you’ve learned and experienced more since writing this book, the experiences shared in it have helped me. They’ve helped me as I’ve been transitioning to living independently and making my own healthcare decisions. Your book has helped me learn to be an advocate for my healthcare when others around me may not understand my situation. I’m learning to be my own voice now thanks to reading experiences from other hydro warriors like you.

Review by: Hydropioneer on Oct. 29, 2015:
I was held captive with every word well written & easy to understand not like talking with doctors. I enjoyed the dialogue sections which brought memories which were very descriptive & I found being born with congenital hydrocephalus very accurate. I believe she touched on every point even the short term memory issues but her long-term was intact. The weather & how it rules us & the journal keeping which is one thing I stress to the people who I chat with through Facebook.
This author doesn’t miss a beat talking about how she wonders about the What if’s questions which we have no control but it doesn’t stop us from thinking about. The denial you go through before you finally change from “Why me to “Why Not Me” I just loved it from start to finish & wanting more. But I know for more of the story what it would entail & I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Well, let me change that maybe some of the doctors because they have no idea what we experience with this condition or at time disbelieve us.

Review by: Simon Alderman on Oct. 14, 2015:
I love this book. It is written in the first person and tells the story of the authors struggle with her medical condition, Hydrocephalus. I really enjoyed the personal touch and emotion the author displayed in her story. I could really feel the struggle she was going through and was pulling for a positive outcome with every page turn.
This book is a great read for anyone who is dealing with hydrocephalus, whether they be a patient, a parent of a hydro child, or anyone who wants to learn more about this condition. This inspirational story shows that anything is possible if you keep fighting and never give up hope.
I too have hydrocephalus and will be writing my story very soon. I may be a little biased with this review because I not only felt her story from the words on the page, but I felt it also because I went through it as well. In any case, I think this book could be enjoyed by all who read it. I hope to see more from this author in the future.

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*Not for sensitive readers*

Sexual abuse robs young children of the life they were meant to live – it strips them of freedom, confidence and bestows qualities of low self-esteem and low morale. It is a silent killer of the mind and an inner torture chamber not easily seen with the naked eye. This book is an account of a young woman’s experiences of being sexually abused as a young girl by not one but two family members. For years she has kept the truth locked in the crevices of her memory where it seemed to have faded. Feelings of shame and guilt are engraved into her soul until she breaks the silence and opens the door to recovery. Love ultimately enters her life when she meets Troy, who is an integral part in helping her break the silence but more importantly shows her the value of her being. This story should serve as a reminder that we as the caretakers of young children, need to protect them at all cost and maintain their innocence for as long as possible. Children are helpless, innocent victims of abuse and deserve a healthy unspoilt life…It is a wake-up call to Adults but more importantly, it affirms to the victims that you are not alone and you can Survive this. It is NOT your fault… Sexual abuse can happen to anyone…It is not immune to Sex, Race, Culture, Religion or Country.  Furthermore, to any abuser out there who happens to read this…STOP!, STOP NOW and SEEK HELP.

What others have to say:

Review by: Fejoa237 on November 1, 2013 – 5.0 out of 5 starsEmpowering story

A story that sheds light on a grim reality in a powerful manner, told from the perspective of someone who has been through this themselves and recovered their life, despite the terrible and tragic occurrences that impacted them.

Review by: Denise on December 1, 2013 – 5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and Intense

I found the book very interesting and insightful in the sense that many authors tend to sugarcoat terrible experiences, like the experience that Morgan had been through, here the author used very vivid details, which is what we really need to fully grasp or understand the concept of this type of abuse. This book has made me look at things very differently and actually the realisation that this can happen to anyone.

I can truly appreciate the author sharing such detailed effects of abuse, as I understand that abuse has lasting effects through a lifetime. To share a story like this to the world in an attempt to prevent another human being from suffering through the same tragedy is admirable.

This is a very moving book and follows a young girls path from victim to victor. She conquers her fears and unveils some very human truths along the way.

This book is essential reading for anybody that has ever been abused or has had their innocence betrayed by someone they trust.

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